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Transcend, that is fine by him bud - he can tow it. But remember you can always get one that runs and drive it here (5 hrs) and fly back to so cal if you want a running car - if you need engine work then he can do it too no problem as he fully serviced my car - I trust his work, he also worked in the past on my lotus elise.

My mechanic's name is Seth - is your body kit also in Long Beach? is the car in your name on the title, is it drivable, registered, or any other details?

Lemme know about a time frame and your particular needs as I broke down the process to help you decide on the stage build.

Once again, he can do more of the build stages (he has done a lot of fabrications in the past, but will need a bit of time to properly price any particular stage on the build as he completes them on my car.  The work done on my car is already Priced as I mentioned to you in the message.

This week we are making the Support Frame and Properly Mounting the Kit.  The kit can be taken off the car again for whatever reason but any subsequent mounting will be a repete of this mounting).

I am an academic, and I am his friend, which is why I am helping him adequately arrange the first couple of builds then he will be okay doing the finalized communication on his own.  He (being a mechanic) is more busy than me, so I'm trying not to waste his time with the many 'interested-but not sure/ready' Clients - we have a lot of those who come around the forums you know... PM me or him any particular interest you have and I will help you both get this thing on the road in no time.

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« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2013, 05:09:49 PM »
I am definitely interested, I would have to get slim to tow a car from Long Beach, CA back to his shop for him to work on it though.


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« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2013, 04:50:11 PM »
True thing mike. My mechanic is GM certified but will do MR2's not Fieros now that he has done two of them in such a short time.

I wish someone had an organized step by step pictorial thread for a Prep of a Fiero - kind of like my build thread up to this point - many people would appreciate that and opportunities would open up for many more especially that a Fiero has many upgrades borrowed from newer GM model cars - your build is the pinacle of such upgrades - which is pricy but always a plus for those who can afford all the modern and adaptive swaps.
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Some people prefer the MR2, and some the Fiero. Each car has the same amount of benefits over the other, so the tradeoff is more a personal choice. Most Fieros come with A/C, cruise, tilt steering, power brakes and so on. Most people who buils a replica want a replica interior, while people who are just building a "kitcar" opt to keep the donors interior. Nothing is gained over the Fiero or MR2 interior if the car is being built as a replica. Fieros are an easier stretch, and the cabin area retains the correct position for the Murcie body, unlike the MR2. Its just a matter of choice really.


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If you are thinking of a Murcielago or Aventador type replica on an MR2 I hope this helps you

An MR2 has several advanteges over other vehicles as many models already come with AC /ABS /Tilt Wheel /Power Steering /Power Brakes / Cruise Control / Factory Alarms / Etc. And a modern Looking Interior if you decide to save the headache of installing a replica interior. Besides that, there are Turbo models with 200-300hp for such a light vehicle, and you can install many after market upgrades to the car.

I have just completed my Donor Preparation for a Replica kit *see In the next 6 weeks I will be working on the kit itself. However, I have gotten several requests for a lead on making similar builds.

My friend who is a Mechanic/Fabricator helped me this past Six Weeks (besides my brother who is a super mechanic). He can do all the previous work easily in 3 weeks, but can also push all other projects aside and rush it to finish in 10 days. In the replica-builds world that is too quick, even my six weekends on the car is too quick for such an end result.

You could provide the MR2 and the needed List of Parts – or you can bring in your MR2 and he could buy the parts for you if don’t want to research the parts yourself.

He can also do any of the stages of the Donor-Preparation Work listed below if you are stuck on a just a certain stage.

The List below is the most accurate list I compiled as I worked on my car for the past six weeks. This list is found nowhere else, and it is the result of my research, hard work, and organization in the past couple of months.


1. Strip the Exterior Parts and Gut the Interior Parts

2. Trim the Exterior Metal.

3. Disconnect All In-Cabin and Under the Car Systems out of the way for a stretch: (Electrical Wires, Gear Line, Fuel Tank, Brakes & Clutch Lines, Oil Line, Coolant Lines, AC Lines, Heater Lines, Vacuum Lines, Throttle Cable, e-Brake Cables, Radio Cable, etc.).

4. Cut the Cabin, then Re-weld & Enforce the Stretched Cabin.

5. Modify the following systems to fit the new length of the car:

Gear Rods - Brake & Clutch - Coolant Lines - Oil Line - AC Lines - Heater lines - E-Brake Rod - Fuel Tank Filler - Fuel Lines – Nylon Fuel Line.

6. Reconnect all the systems; the ones mentioned above plus more

7. Place all Fluids back in, bleed or flush the systems

8. Lower the suspension by Installing Lowering Springs & Shocks or Installing Coil Overs (Optional).

9. Modify the Front Wheel Wells to allow full steering of larger wheels

10. Install an Interior

By then, the car will be nicely drivable again and will fit the Murcielago-Type Replica Builds LP640 / G28 / G24 / Murcy-2 kits perfectly as I have mine today. Once again, check out my build - mentioned above - to verify craftsmanship. He can also make this for the Aventador 12" stretch.

I will be using his help to continue the rest of the work on the kit all the way till it’s complete as he has done fiberglass work in the past as well, but I will share that info or services available by him once I soon show it on my build thread.

My mechanic also Fully-Serviced my MR2 with all new gaskets, pumps, spark plugs, fluids, and more. I just convinced him to make a profile on MM. If you need help with your MR2 or KIT build ask him for help, he is reasonably priced.

** He has a trailer and a truck and can save you on Vehicle transportation anywhere in CA.

Also, if you need work done on the kit, and just like the 10 steps mentioned above, there are 10 steps to get your kit ready.

He can:

1. Fix any dammage, and fiberglass all cracks or rough edges.
2. Measure the kit and trim it so it properly fits the donor vehicle
3. Install proper tabs for all grills, lights, hinges, and other fitments on the kit
4. Create and mount Main Support Frame
5. Create and mount Door Frames, Hinges, and Latches
6. Create and mount Windshield Frame with tabs for a soft top or a cage for a hard top
7. Hinge all moving Parts
8. Mod the Windshield and install it
9. Configure all electrical harnesses and finish all electrical connections
10. Create and Install all Donor-2-Kit Gap Panels.

These are the steps I am going through now on my build... After these, the kit is ready for General Sanding then Primering/Wraping/Paint etc. so get hold of him for a good deal

I feel this would help him and help those who are stuck on projects, or don’t know where to start from.

His name on mm is Slims Customs and he is an honest man, his work so far is flawless. Feel free to contact him.

Or you may contact me if you need assistance

Thank you
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