Author Topic: Jamack - Transaction Appears to be Going South  (Read 4025 times)


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Jamack - Transaction Appears to be Going South
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 02:18:34 PM »
I am bummed to have to post this message but for the hope I have of resolving this in a positive way and for the sake of others, I feel like I really need to.

Although Jamack has been a respected member of this forum, I have a transaction with him which appears to be going bad. I sincerely hope this is a misunderstanding and we can get it cleared up ASAP.

10/01 - I was happy to have won an OEM dash from him on eBay: The auction stated he would ship the item within 5 days of receiving payment and I would receive the item within 6 - 10 business days.

10/04 - I paid for the item via PayPal.

10/18 - After not receiving the item and not hearing anything for two weeks, I sent him a communication via eBay. He responded saying the item was at his dad's house but he would go package it up and ship it to me on 10/21.

10/29 - After not receiving the item and not hearing anything for another 11 days, I filed an item not received with eBay and asked him for an update.

11/04 - As of today (another week later), I have not heard anything from Jamack despite my attempts to contact him. I even sent him a PM on this forum hoping to reach him.

It looks like Jamack has sold close to $20K worth of stuff on eBay since the beginning of October and not a single feedback has been left for any of those items. He is also trying to sell glass replica headlight lenses here on this forum. All of this makes me nervous for anyone getting involved with him from this point on.

Like I said, I hope this is simply a misunderstanding and I will receive the item I paid for soon. At the very least, it is a terrible lack of communication and procrastination.

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