Author Topic: RobsLP640 Aliases, DBAs and Affiliations  (Read 1089 times)


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RobsLP640 Aliases, DBAs and Affiliations
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The purpose of this thread is not to debate Robert Ward's credibility or lack thereof. That has already been done ad nauseam in other posts on this and other forums and I don't wish to rehash that here.

This post is simply to document Rob's various known aliases, DBAs (doing business as names), affiliations and web site addresses so we as consumers can be well informed. If anyone has any information to add to this list, please post here or PM me, and I will update this first post. If Rob wants to offer this info himself in this thread I also welcome that.

What we are trying to accomplish here is some transparency. We need one place to get this information so we know who we are really dealing with when we work with a vendor.

Known Web Sites - Uses images and videos of Rob's cars. Discussion at: (affiliate)
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