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Re: Vigilante Vengeance
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2015, 04:45:48 AM »
Sounds. Cool!  Can't wait to see pics


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Vigilante Vengeance
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2015, 10:58:00 AM »
Hi. I use to post my build here but ended up getting angry at someone.... (cannot remember who or why! :) so, I decided to post here again. Originally I would of used the alAudi RS4 engine but have been convinced that it was not possible because of the FSI system and also because of all the sensors the engine wants. The RS4 pushes out 420 bhp. So I sold it amd bought a Toyota 2JZ-GTE VVTI. Well. So far I am not aware of anyone doing a mid engine setup with this engine. Closest is some guys in the US who mounted 2jz rear mounted ie behind the rear axle with the box wrong side of the motor.

Anyway. My engine conversion is done. 2jz mated to 6 speed 01e box with custom adaptor plate, custom flywheel and custom 2 pack clutch. In the meantime after some time my chassis guy who went through some rough times started my chassis last week and basically finished it in three evenings. Now it is just the metal sheeting suspension and so. I am using a 2006 BMW M3 steering column and steering rack. Also the same M3 brake rotors, hubs and calipers. The original M3 brake booster will be used (already purchased everything)

Regarding my body's buck. Going slowly but well. Using Celica headlights (projection lights, with halo and LEDs) 

Windscreen is Peugeot 307 with wipers and wiper motor etc.

Clocks are Audi RS6 clocks. Still have to see how I will be able to use them.

2jz will be stripped of it's twin turbos and it will be replaced by GTX35 turbo etc. Looking at 800bhp.

I will be posting fotos within the next couple of days