Author Topic: Small triangle rear bumper grilles made by Autopro, install and product review  (Read 731 times)


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Wow my friend, thank you very much for the compliments!  I am glad that you liked the grills and you did an excellent job on them. I really appreciate the kind words, it really does make it worth while all the work it takes to make these parts.   Thanks again bud!


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That looks fantastic .  Sure would love to see more overall shots of your car, that one screen capture I posted from your video doesn't do it justice


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This is my quick write up of autopro's rear bumper small triangle grilles install and product review.

1) the quality and detail is superb. Even has lamborghini scribe on the reverse and part number as well. You can see in the first pic there is some slag that needs to be cleaned off but it comes off pretty easily.  I used 150 grit sandpaper on the exterior sides and used a box cutter razor to get inside the honeycombs. Most of it just falls off. 1st pic is before and second pic is after the cleaning and sanding.

2) fitment is perfect.  I guess they were 3d printed maybe? So they are oem size.  I opted to install the grilles over the already painted black recesses that i had in my bumper rather than cutting a hole out. Reason was because i would have to fab some mounts that match the "feet" on the backside of the grille. So i took the easier way out. Since there is a triangle shaped recess in the bumper i just cut the feet off the grilles and they fit in the recess perfectly and flush.

3) after cleaning up and mounting finished i took em off and i used a wax and grease remover as recommended by autopro to clean it from release agents used in the fabrication process. Then i used a black plastic paint by rustoleam satin finish. Let dry and then installed. You can see the final pic.

I highly recommend these to give your build that finishing touch. Remember the devil's in the details.

Just want to say thank you to autopro for making this part available and if you are interested in a pair you can pm him for details. It's the little details like this that really separate your build from others so thanks again autopro.
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