Author Topic: Need Contact Information For Replica Master  (Read 4340 times)


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Need Contact Information For Replica Master
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2017, 04:07:15 PM »
I'm looking to hire a replica master to build a Lambo Veneno, Ferrari La Ferrari , or custom Lambo Murc LP640 with a V12 engine and modifid exhaust. The V-12 installation and modified exhaust is paramount. A V8 is no good. A V6 is a JOKE.

I supply all the parts you need, send them at once, and pay for all shipping.

I can deal with a domestic builder .. or international builder , pending a letter of credit instrument and some other information. The letter of credit will stop any scam artists and if it doesn't, the guys I am associated with in my import-export business know people who will. So I'm not worried about getting ripped off but would rather avoid the hassle of paying them to collect since I'm a busy guy.

I know it's not good manners to start a business proposal with the fine print like that .. . but lets get real..scammers exist .. .and if your'e a good master builder, you shouldn't really care. There was a guy in Italy who was so good at replicating Lambos, he's doing time for it and I don't expect someone that good, but close would be best.

Price is open. But once agreed on, final. Not my issue if you outsource to local nobodies who demand an open tab. We deal directly. Anyone outside of that arrangement is not my concern and isn't on my dime. All prices are final.

Obviously SR is out of the question as last time I heard the operator was in hiding.

If you want to proceed on this with me, let me know, I'm looking for the real deal, undetectable body, V12 engine, modified exhaust, real engine cover, any parts visible to the naked eye (except the body obviously) authentic (signals tail lights, bumpers, mirrors, logos, interior etc.)  If you know anyone who lost a car to a flood and the body is salvageable I will gladly make an offer on it just to make it exact. But obviously that would be a rare event for a super car to be lost in a flood.

Let me know and I'll get back to you. We can meet in person to discuss the car. Since I prefer face to face. Thanks.


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