Author Topic: RIVET NUT FASTENERS  (Read 322 times)


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« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2017, 06:46:35 PM »
Guys a good write up here

and a strength page in the pdf might help somebody.


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I have used these at every design opportunity for the last 40 years without a single failure of a steel one. If there was a need to go stronger, since I am not eating off of my chassis, I would recommend using the alloy version (CH in the part number prefix), which is cheaper and stronger than the stainless.


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 We use rivet nuts (a.k.a. rivnuts) for the FLT project as well. Great stuff! I recommend to use stainless steel rivnuts for the more demanding areas where holding heavy objects is required. They are especially needed where something will be dismounted regularly. The aluminum or copper rivnuts are only good for a single usage. The best about rivnuts is that they have their own thread, thus any direct contact with screws and damage to chassis paint is being avoided.

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In my chassis build, I needed to mount a stone shield to round tubing.  The wall thickness was too thin to tap for threaded bolts.  I could have welded a nut to the tubing but this is what I opted for.  They are called "Rivet Nuts" or "Rivnuts".  You drill a hole the diameter of the rivet-nut, pound the rivet-nut into the hole (it is knurled on the barrel so that it doesn't turn),  compress the rivet-nut, and you end up with a neat recessed nut for fastening most anything.  They are available in an assortment @ Ebay in metric or sae for around $19.00.  If strength is desired, I would opt for American made rivnuts if possible. Steel, stainless, or Aluminum are available.  A simple puller can be made for installation or you can purchase a puller to do the job.  ::usa ::thumbup


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