Author Topic: Need some input. Motor and trans decision?  (Read 135 times)


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Re: Need some input. Motor and trans decision?
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2017, 08:40:23 PM »
I have never heard a bad review of Advanced Automotion and would give Scotty an excellent review. Once he delivered a transaxle to me with his airplane, no extra charge when I was in a big hurry. He and I will both refer you to Eric Martin for the adapter 214-606-2457.

PS- I have two 01's at his shop right now that are built and ready. I only need one of them soon so if you need one of them now, take it and there is plenty of time for him to build me a second one later.
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Need some input. Motor and trans decision?
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Some background I have a Naerc chassis and diablo roadster body which I was convinced to keep and alter after 2 seperate coupes fell through. No rims/contort arms. My first choice was always a 3000gt vr4 6spd with awd blockoff. Complete driveline can be purchased with ecu and harness for around 2500$ and it’s 330hp stock very easily to get to the 450hp mark but I’m not “butchering” a Naerc chassis for what would be an inferior configuration. So the other day I was presented with a reasonably  priced ls2. So it got me doing research on the trans. I’m not looking to spend 10k on say a Mendola. It looks like a g50 would be slighlty less. From what I’ve come up with boxster s 6spd 968 isn’t a good choice. Which leads me to an Audi 01e I’ve read mixed reviews on advanced Automotion. And forget the other place I’ve probably been researching this for 4days straight now and have a pounding headache
So I’m looking for a good trans that’s 6 spd!!! To mate to a 450hp ls2. Since I’m pretty sure I’m going 01e who makes a great setup to handle power at a reasonable price. As well as adaptor. Still open to ideas. Not looking to vdrive