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Reventon build
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 08:49:28 PM »
Hey all,

After moving in and taking what felt like 100 years to set up the garage, I'm finally starting the lambo build. I'm a little behind in ordering parts as I wanted to get them shipped to the new address, so hopefully my stuff starts arriving soon  ;D

I spent a couple days stripping down the mr2 and all I have left to do is take out the front windshield and get under the car to remove the protective plates and drain/cut lines. I hope there is no huge surprise waiting for me there. I'll start posting some pics soon, and my friends have asked me to do some videos of my progress as they all have 0 mechanical experience, so this is just plain weird to them.

My bio has most info on my build. Feel free to ask questions, or critique me. I won't learn if no one points stuff out. Disclaimer: I now understand that there are "kit builds" and "replica builds". I am going to try and make things as close to oem as I can, but with only going from pics and having no experience it may look to most of you like a kit build. Be gentle.