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LamboClone Pupose
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2012, 03:26:57 PM »
This site was created to help the many Lambo builders out there plan and complete their projects.  In the replica car world, there is a joke called the "3% Club" that refers to the 3% of people who actually complete a car.  At this moment, there are no true Lambo "Kit Cars" on the market and this term is often misused.  A Kit Car would suggest that a builder pulls some finished parts out of a box and assembles everything as you would a model car.  What is on the market today is far more unfinished and complex than this and a Lambo replica builder is expected to fabricate and finish most of the parts with no instruction manuals.  Part of the appeal of a well built replica is all of the hours and engineering that goes into the build.  Many times a completed car built with quality will have many more hand crafted hours invested in it than the car it's trying replicate.  By sharing information on this site through photographs and Q&A, we can help one another and anyone else wanting to join this wonderful hobby.