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Member Trader Rating System
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2012, 08:35:33 PM »
Ok everyone, you've suggested it so here it is.  :) 

This post will cover the principles and methods for using the new member Trader Rating system. 

Principles & Rules:

1. If you've purchased or sold something (parts, services etc) with another member, you have the right to submit a rating (one rating per transaction) for that person and the overall experience.

2. If you've purchased or sold something (parts, service etc) with a nonmember and you want to post a comment about them, you should use the Opinions & Review section of this site and post a thread there.  This section can also be used to discuss member transactions (positive and negative) in more detail if you wish.

3. All ratings are subject to moderator approval to avoid abuse of the system.

4. Any negative rating can be disputed and it will be up to the moderators (and potentially the other members) to decide if the rating is to stand or be removed.

5. Accumulation of enough validated negative ratings will get you banned from this site.

6. Be prepared to provide verifiable data for any negative ratings that you might leave.  Please completely fill out the template with your feedback and make your comments clear and to the point.

7. Do not post positive or negative feedback on the behalf of others, this is for your transactions only.

8. Please only post feedback for current transactions and not those that occurred in another life or more than six months ago.

*My quick and simple disclaimer - As the admin of this site, I reserve the right to modify or add to these rules in accordance to meeting our objectives for building a safe and principle driven community.  I'm sure this will be tested by some and I'll try to address this with the appropriate changes and actions.  I will always try to be fair but I can't always promise that I'll have the full story or that I might be lied too and taken advantage of.  As issues might occur, please of patience with me and the process and we'll try to resolve everything as civilly and fair as possible.

Ok, now a lesson on how to use this tool.  You'll notice that every member now has a new line under their user name that says "Trade Count" with a number. 

This is what is looks like:

By clicking on the number, you can access the members feedback page that will show all approved feedback and ratings for that person:

The Trade Count is the same thing (just another name) for your buyer / seller rating.  If you have a deal with another member and want to leave a rating and comments for them, you can either click on their user name from a post:

or look them up under the search tool or member list. 

Once you've accessed their user page, look at the bottom for their previous feedback details and a line that states "Submit feedback for ..Username here.."  Click on this and it'll take you to the user feedback section.

The "short comment" section should include high level comments and the "long comment" section should include more detailed information pertaining to the experience.  Do not put any confidential information in these fields (including emails) as these comments will be viewable by others.  I will personally ask each of you to please keep your comments clean, fact based and to the point.  No matter how mad you might be, offending other members with bad language and physical threats accomplishes nothing and can only make your look bad.  This can have negative affects on your membership and how other perceive you in the future.  Please remember that we are only an online Forum and if legal action is required, you should pursue this outside of this environment and post updates in the Opinions and Reviews section of this site.

Now it's time for you to practice. 

I've set up a fake user account for a very bad member named Ripoff Randy.  Feel free to leave good or bad feedback for him and have fun with your comments.  This account is not tied to anyone therefore no harm will be done and this is your chance to play with the new tool and settings. 

You can find a posting by Ripoff Randy here;topicseen#msg375

This post has been locked (you can't reply to it) and I've made a sticky so it stays at the top of the topic.  I really hope to change this setting in the near future and hopefully no abuse will occur and I can feel more comfortable with removing this step (and extra work for the moderators). 

I'll give you guys some time to play with this and I'll add a poll and thread to gather your comments on it.


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