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Title: Annual Deals Gap "Dragon's Tail" meet up?
Post by: sisqocracker on March 13, 2017, 12:11:48 PM
Was wanting to see what folks thought about starting up an annual Deals Gap run.  See what time of year people could most likely make it.  See if there is enough interest to try and learn more about the schedules of other clubs as far as finding a good time to arrive and not be drowned out by a huge group of others.  It stays pretty busy anymore, but some weekends are better than others. 

Robbinsville is the nearest town as far as finding room to stay some place.  I can get there in 3 hours from my place.  But I have gone up there and stayed at the Ironhorse for camping.  They have rooms too of differing types and budgets.  It is a very cool drive.  Plus there is the Cherohala Skyway too.  Nice drive for the Lambos.  Stays about 4k feet the whole way and is similar to the Parkway.  Lots of good roads around that area to drive on in the mountains.  Just Beautiful up there.

Let me know what you guys think and maybe I can get some stuff organized for us.  I've been up there plenty (now), & remember wanting to go there for the longest.  It is one of those places you have to experience.  Due to it getting more crowded now a days, maybe we can figure out a point where that isn't so bad.  This may sound random here but, there are plenty of places throughout the tail where you can pull over and let faster folks pass you.  It is courteous to do so as there are many Ninja's and such up there just a flying.  It's always a fun time though.

Holler back with nay or yea.

Here's a video of me on my Ninja up there.  you can see how pretty a drive it is.  Plenty twisty too!  They say 318 turns in 11 miles. (

Title: Re: Annual Deals Gap "Dragon's Tail" meet up?
Post by: AdrianBurton on March 13, 2017, 12:28:15 PM
Id go on my bike but it will be a while for the car...... unfortunately
Title: Re: Annual Deals Gap "Dragon's Tail" meet up?
Post by: sisqocracker on April 30, 2017, 08:58:06 PM
Yeah I take my bike up there every once in a while.  I've been since that original posting.  Ran up there and bought some cool stickers for my helmet.   ::thumbup

We'll see if this thread gets any love over the next year or so.  Be cool to get a meet up going up there.  I know everyone would be beside themselves seeing it.  It's already cool when a gang of Z-cars come through there.  Can't imagine what a bunch a Lambo looks would be like.   :santa