Author Topic: I just purchased AGP Diablo windshield  (Read 203 times)

Mike D

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Re: I just purchased AGP Diablo windshield
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2017, 12:25:03 AM »
Hi I also just purchased a Windshield from Josh, unfortunately I have to have it shipped all the way to my home in Florida. Out of curiosity what Diablo do you have?


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I just purchased AGP Diablo windshield
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 07:13:58 PM »
Hi guys, I just purchased an AGP windshield from Josh that may be listed on this sight but for sure on Lamboreplica and Ebay. I drove 7 hours to pick up the windshield as I had cracked my AGP windshield. I drove from North Carolina to Ohio to pick it up, and stayed near the Casino to add a little R&R to the trip, and added expense! Anyway, the windshield was perfect and Josh (and his wife) were incredible quality people who were a pleasure to meet and to become a friend with. I find that nice to say especially in a time when I think I want the bumper sticker I recently saw that read "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog"
I think of how man wants to go to Mars and settle there, I am sure that there is not intelligent life there already because if there was it would be out driving NO TRESPASSING signs all over the planet when they see us coming, especially if they have been watching our news channels here on Earth - and now we want to go and do it all to yet another planet? Really?
That reminds me of yet another bumper sticker that I saw that read "Earth First - we'll stripmine the other planets later!"
I had contacted the guy at Diamond Exotics to see if he had a windshield and the reply I got from him was that that ship had already sailed and that I was late to the party and that replicas were for faggot losers. Maybe he went out of business and is bitter over it, I don't know the story, but even with that reply I still wish him well.
YOU Tube "For Debbie Call on Jesus" is a video I made for my sister that is graphic and bloody and gives the story afterwards. Our world is bad enough and a bad reply can be contagious to reply in the same manner only to escalate even worse. But there is power in words and I have found, that even against what I feel like doing which is to return to same but with both barrels, I bite my lip and actually try to find a way to compliment and have found in the past in it was the power to turn the other persons attitude into a good one possibly changing the course of the rest of their day in a good way.
There are people in other countries running from destroyed homes they can never return to, leaving every thing they own behind with no direction to run to, and holding the body of a dead loved one in their arms as they flee for their own lives.
Isn't it great to live in America and to be an American - even though we have those idiots that try to destroy our way of life.
No offense to those who may not believe -The bible says without a vision my people perish, and even on the cross the bible says that for the joy set before him he endured the shame and the pain, He had a vision of what his work on the cross would accomplish.
Being made in God's image means we too are creators and dreamers ourselves with our own visions, whether it is standing and staring into the woods that soon becomes a shopping mall, or staring at a million pieces that we envision a really cool car when our work is done, and no I am not saying we are little gods but rather a part of a big GOD.
So all of this just to say that I appreciate all of you guys that have the desire, determination, will power, and creativity to bring dreams and visions into reality here in a country that others will never have such freedoms.
I thank you all that share kind words and that make the world a better place, that leaves a good feeling in my heart when we have met and part knowing I'm missing you already as you fade in my rear view mirror.