Author Topic: COUNTACH WING STRUTS  (Read 344 times)


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« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2016, 11:34:51 PM »
Hello all! Just getting the 25th anniversary Countach replica I bought painted!- COBALT BLUE- gonna be A mazing!! But I have a BIG problem!
 The painter called and said there are no "wing mounting towers" in the box of parts!! I have the original wing,but no struts or whatever their called,to mount the wing to! DOES ANYBODY HAVE A PAIR I CAN BUY!!
I only have 3 days until paint time and then I'll have to do without the wing! A TRAVESTY FOR SURE!! I personally think a Countach without the wing is like those Cadillacs with the weird sloped trunk, UGLY!!
  If anyone has any suggestions for short cuts,I would be grateful! ( although the paint guy isn't going to do a bunch of fabrication, he's quite the jerk actually! But his paint jobs are EPIC!!) The paint is an extreme custom color,so I can't have the wing sprayed later either. I'm in a bind here folks!