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Great news to report and will update with pictures if interested later this week.

Purchased an 86' Fiero washer fluid reservoir and pump via EBay, installed in front compartment (mounted on subframe assembly), wired off primary harness (thanks to the help of members pointing me in the right direction with diagrams) and may seem small but pretty rewarding to now have a fully functioning wiper assembly!

Next up: shift cable and shifter assembly.

Question: Would anyone have a lead on a shift gate similar to that of the FiEuro product?I know Rodney Dickman offers the improved shifter but am having difficulty finding a gate (for aesthetic purposes only).

Fellas -

As always appreciate the insight -

Was able to find an 86' Fiero Haynes Service Manual on EBay for next to nothing, great suggestion, I would have never known something of the like existed otherwise.

Lots to work on for a few weeks now, I'll keep this thread up to date as progress is made or challenges come up.

Thank you again!

Sounds like they spliced and lengthened the cables when they lengthened the chassis, and did a poor job of it. $200 will get you two new cables the correct length at Control Cable Inc. 562-949-0455, talk to Greg.


--- Quote from: Correy7 on November 13, 2017, 01:33:36 PM ---TS -

I was able to get the front latch opened finally, it is an electrical latch however the switch under the bumper appears as though it is not functioning, I was however able to circumvent this by running 12v directly to the switch. The question now is do I try and rewire or simply replace with a mechanical latch, the latter seems more practical. I am going to get a test light though to determine wether it is a faulty switch or feed first, this will influence my decision.

Regarding the wiper issue - this is a bigger can of worms then I was initially expecting...

The car does not have a reservoir... the fluid line that runs from the wiper cuts off just under the hood  :'(

So I am starting from scratch on this endeavour, my first thoughts are:

1. Purchase a used reservoir/pump
2. Mount within interior steel frame
3. Figure out how to wire pump....I have looked fiero at wiring schematics and it appears as though the pump is wired to the wiper motor...does anyone have insight or picture / schematic reference for an 86 fiero? Does not seem as though the physical component of adding the reservoir, pump and line will be difficult...the challenge for me will be the electrical end.

Thanks all!

--- End quote ---

See if you can find a diagram for the shift cables online.  Picking up one of those service manuals is a must, it will tell you step by step, it will always come in handy.  Since one cable went, there is a good chance the other may be at the end of its life, so I would suggest you do both, (your their).  Good thing is you now know how to get at both ends hopefully there is access to any cable mounts there may be between the two ends.  Hopefully others building with Fiero's can help.


Sincerely appreciate the wiring diagrams and advice - I expect the washer reservoir will be here mid week and will have time to install next weekend hopefully. Will update along the way.

Progress this weekend:

1. Headliner has been repaired, not in necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing sense but it will now clear BC safety as it is not impeding vision. 3M adhesive spray and steel wool did the trick to remove foam residual from prior liner.

Next up:

1. While taking the car on tour in the parkade we lost ability to shift into all forward gears with only reverse working  :'(...

Initially i believed it to be an issue with the gear shift itself but after disassembly of console itself, this did not appear to be the issue.

I checked the cables through to gear box and low and behold I found the issue, the previous owner had taped a piece of copper tube around cable towards end linkage as I suspect the original broke... with heat when running engine as of recently I believe the tape melted which loosened the band aid repair job... I couldn't believe it.. I had this vehicle inspected by a mechanic in New Brunswick prior to purchase...I would think that this should have been addressed then! Oh well, a few issues will keep me busy I suppose.

Question I'd like to pose to the group:

1. How do I determine wether this is the selector cable or shift cable?
2. Is it possible to replace end component of linkage or does the entire cable need to be stripped out and replaced?
3. If answer to (2) is yes, any insight that can be offered as to proper steps in replacement, linkage seems easy enough but I am sure there are other factors to be aware of.

As always, thank you!!


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